Photography (B.F.A.)

Recommended Sequence of Courses for the B.F.A.: For a current degree sequence, please visit the department's website.

87 semester hours in Art and Photography as follows:

1. 24 hours of Lower-Level Photography Core Courses:

ARTS 1305Design for Photographers

ARTS 1357Introduction to Photography

ARTS 1358Introduction to Digital Photography

ARTS 2305Introduction to Photographic Lighting

ARTS 2315Introduction to Photographic Portraiture

ARTS 2360Documentary Photography I

COMM 1301Introduction to Mass Communication

COMM 2360Video Production I

2. 12 required hours of lower level Art History:

ARTH 2361Art History: Ancient Through Medieval

ARTH 2362Art History: Renaissance to Modern

ARTH 3357History of Photography

ARTH 3360Survey in Contemporary Art

3. 9 semester hours of Business courses:

ACCT 2301Accounting for Non-Business Majors

BLAW 3317Business Law

BMKT 3331Principles of Marketing

4. 27 semester hours of Advanced Photography courses:

ARTS 3316Advanced Digital Photography

ARTS 3327Documentary Photography II

ARTS 3365Directorial Photography

ARTS 3367Landscape Photography

ARTS 3385Documentary Photography III: Local Fieldwork

ARTS 4315Advanced Photographic Portraiture: Studio Portraiture

ARTS 4325Advanced Photographic Lighting: Studio Lighting

ARTS 4357Advanced Projects in Photography


ARTS 4390Senior Capstone


ARTS 4393Senior Photography Portfolio

5. 6 hours Advanced Studio Photography selected from the following:

ARTS 4330Commercial Photography

ARTS 4335Documentary Photography IV: International Fieldwork

ARTS 43504x5 Photography

ARTS 4360Art Photography: Manipulated Images

ARTS 4385Topics in Photography

ARTS 4388Internship in Photography

COMM 3355Publications Practicum

6. 3 hours Art History or Art Theory chosen from the following:

ARTH 3375Aesthetics: Philosophy of Art and Beauty

ARTH 4360Issues in Contemporary Art

ARTH 4330Topics in History of Photography

COMM 3330Impact of Media on Society

COMM 4315Media Ethics

COMM 4322Seminar in Selected Film Topics