Psychology (B.S.)

Psychology Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in the Division of Extended Academic Programs will contribute to a student's general knowledge and prepare them to pursue advanced degrees in psychology or related disciplines. The program seeks to deliver its curriculum through an interactive and collaborative learning environment that provides its participants with a strong theoretical and scientific foundation in the field of psychology.

A minor to complement the psychology major in another program is strongly recommended but not required.

Major Requirements for the Psychology Major

A. 46 hours University Core Curriculum

Refer to the Core Curriculum course options listed in the Institutional Policies section of this catalog.  Students in this program must also complete COMP 1301, Computer Literacy, as part of the Core Curriculum.

B. Psychology Core (38 hours)

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 2320Scientific Literacy in Psychology

PSYC 2350Developmental Psychology

PSYC 2380Biology and Behavior

PSYC 3331Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3351/SOCI 3351Social Psychology

PSYC 3353Personality

PSYC 3380Applied Statistics for Behavioral Sciences

PSYC 3385Multicultural Issues

PSYC 3450Quantitative Methods

PSYC 3472Learning, Memory, and Cognition

PSYC 4331History of Psychology

C. 15 Semester Hours Upper Division curriculum:

1. Required upper division coursework (6 semester hours)

PSYC 4332Theories of Psychotherapy


PSYC 43CSCapstone Project in Psychology


PSYC 4359Directed Practicum/Internship

2. Selected upper division coursework (9 semester hours)

Select nine hours from the following courses.

PSYC 3320Qualitative Methods

PSYC 4310Research Design

PSYC 4315Comparative Psychology

PSYC 4322Experimental Psychology: Perception

PSYC 4325Experimental Psychology: Motivation

D. General electives to meet 120 total credit hours for the degree

E. 45 Clock hours of Community Service is required

Students must complete a minimum of 45 semester hours are taken at UIW and at least 36 hours must be upper division credits.

Active-duty military students must take a minimum of 30 hours, or at least 25% of the total degree plan, at UIW.

Psychology Minor

Psychology has an inextricable purpose in understanding human behavior. The Minor in General Psychology  is designed to offer courses that contribute to a students’ general education, or as a compliment to career training in another academic field of study. The selected psychology curriculum affirms the relationship of psychology to a diverse array of disciplines such as, but not limited to: Religious Studies, Nursing, Business, Human Resources, Rehabilitative Science, Sociology, Pre-Law, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Education, Nutrition, or General Studies. Interested individuals must be current EAP students in good academic standing.


15 semester hours as follows:

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology

Plus 12 additional semester hours in PSYC; 6 of which must be upper division