Cyber Security (B.S.)

Cyber Security is the study of the protection of organizational assets, information and supporting systems, and the issues associated with the threats and protection of organizations, governments, and individuals.


A. 42 semester hours of required core courses, as follows:

BIS 2330Computer Programming I

BIS 4375Information Security

CRIJ 2303Introduction to Homeland Security

CRIJ 4305Cyber Crimes

CYBR 2310Foundations of Cyber Security

CYBR 2320Business of Cyber Security

CYBR 3310Cyber Psychology and Profiling

CYBR 3313Network Security Management

CYBR 3320Cryptology

CYBR 3325Security Policy Analysis

CYBR 4305Security Policy Implementation

CYBR 4330Emerging Technology Trends

CYBR 4360Practical Applications of Cyber Security Management

B. 18 Hours Technical Requirements

CYBR 3330Information Assurance and Security

CYBR 3335Legal Issues in Cyber Security

CYBR 3345Ethical Hacking

CYBR 4330Mobile Forensics Seminar

CYBR 4350Cyber Crime Investigation and Forensics

CYBR 4355Strategic Cyber Intelligence

C. Business and Criminal Justice Electives:

CRIJ 3300Public and private Security

CRIJ 3380Criminal Investigation

CRIJ 4300Corporate Crime and Deviance

MGT 3354Theories and Concepts of Personnel Management

MGT 4355Organizational Behavior

MKT 3353Social Media

MSC 3370Statistical Analysis of Business