Fashion Studies (B.A.)

The Fashion Studies degree offers breadth rather than depth of study in fashion.  This degree plan will combine both fashion design and fashion management courses.  The purpose is to accommodate students who wish to major in fashion but cannot commit to the in-depth four-year programs for either the BA in Fashion Management or the BFA, Major in Fashion Design.  Upon completion of this degree, students will be eligible for many, but not all, entry-level positions within the fashion industry.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Fashion Studies: 122 Hours

1. Student must complete the general education core (43 hours).

Core specific courses required for the Fashion Studies major:

Fine Arts:  ARTS 1301, ARTS 1311, ARTH 2361, or ARTH 2362

Social Science:  ECON 2301, GOVT 1315, or GOVT 1316

Advanced Philosophy/Religious Studies:  PHIL 3375, RELS 3322, RELS 3330, or RELS 3343

2. Fashion Management Courses (43 Hours):

FMGT 1111Orientation to the Fashion Management Program

FMGT 1301Computer Applications in Fashion Management

FMGT 1305Introduction to Fashion Management

FMGT 1310Apparel Construction I

FMGT 2323Fashion History I

FMGT 2341Textiles

FMGT 2350Promotional Strategies in Fashion I

FMGT 3340Textile Product Analysis

FMGT 3355Fashion Operations Management I

FMGT 3383Fashion Operations Management II

FMGT 4331Promotional Strategies in Fashion II

FMGT 4335Portfolio, Fashion Management

FMGT 4350Global Fashion Economics


FMGT 3323Fashion History II


FMGT 4307Cultural Studies in Fashion


FMGT 4388Internship: Merchandising


FMGT 4392Fashion Study Tour

3. Fashion Design Courses (15 Hours)

FADS 1305Introduction to Fashion Design

FADS 1320Apparel Construction II

FADS 2331Flat Pattern

FADS 3333Fashion Illustration

FADS 4340Computer Illustration

4. Fashion Design Elective Courses (6 Hours)

Choose two courses from the following list:

FADS 3312Patternmaking Methods

FADS 3325Draping

FADS 3332Patternmaking Software

FADS 4310Knitwear

FADS 4320Couture Embroidery

FADS 4324Surface Design

5. Accounting Courses (6 Hours)

ACCT 2311Principles of Accounting I

ACCT 2312Principles of Accounting II

6. Electives to reach 122 hours, as needed