Communication Arts

Communication Arts Course Descriptions

The Communication Arts program at UIW uses a unique blend of theory-driven and experienced-based classes where students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary.  Communication Arts offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Arts (MA) as well as an accelerated bachelor's to master's degree program (ABM).  With seven different concentrations seemingly infinite career opportunities, graduates work as writers, producers, directors, editors, public relations specialists, videographers, filmmakers, broadcast journalists, advertising specialists, event planners, social media specialists, teachers, web specialists, bilingual journalists, convergent media specialists, among others.  The goals of the program are to cultivate students; imagination and creativity through mastery of technical skills needed to become effective professionals in the field of communications; to create an environment fostering the exploration of diverse perspectives and encourages students to use their skills and resources to serve their community and society, so that they are prepared to participate confidently, ethically, and competently as concerned and enlightened citizens.