With the permission of the instructor, University of the Incarnate Word students and persons who have not been admitted to the University may register as an auditor provided there is space in the classroom after all registered students have been accommodated. A course must achieve its minimum size without auditors. All audit registrations are subject to the following conditions:

  1. An auditor may attend lecture classes but does not submit papers, take examinations, or receive academic credit. Auditors may participate in class discussions only upon invitation of the instructor. Permission to audit does not constitute admission to the University. Credit is not granted for courses that are audited and grades are not recorded.
  2. Audits will not be allowed for practice, tutorials, internships, thesis, clinicals, computer or science labs, and similar courses.
  3. Full-time students at UIW may audit one lecture course (3 or 4 semester hours) per semester or one course during the summer without additional tuition. The deadline for changing enrollment in a course from graded to audit status is printed in each semester’s Schedule of Classes.
  4. Non-students who wish to audit must complete an Application for Audit which is available in the Registrar’s Office, obtain the approval of the instructor, and pay tuition and fees in the Business Office.
  5. Auditors pay 50% of regular tuition for lecture courses; however, full tuition is charged for limited enrollment, private instruction, and studio courses. All course fees are assessed, although other University or non-course related fees are not assessed unless registered for other courses.