Second Baccalaureate Degree

A student holding a bachelor’s degree from UIW or from another accredited institution may receive a second degree at the same level as long the student fulfills the following requirements:

  1. Meet all course requirements for a uniquely different major that does not duplicate the requirements of the major for the first degree.
  2. Complete an additional residency requirement (30 semester hours for the associate degree; 45 semester hours for the bachelor's degree) not included in the first degree.
  3. 18-24 hours of the residence credit for the second bachelor degree must be at the upper division level in the major field.
  4. Complete all requirements for the additional major and degree including all prerequisites, elective courses, and upper division courses as specified in the appropriate sections of the bulletin.
  5. Two degrees may be awarded simultaneously provided that the requirements listed above are met and that the total number of credit hours being applied toward both degrees is a minimum of 165 for the two bachelor degrees and 90 hours for two associate degrees.
  6. The Core from the first degree will be considered in fulfillment of the UIW Core for the second degree and all additional courses and requirements for the Core of the second degree will be waived if the Core of the first degree assimilates the UIW Core or the core from another institution of higher learning in the United States. The Core for the second degree will be required for international students whose Core for the first degree does not contain the elements of the Liberal Arts Core and which are the hallmark of the UIW Core.