Student Identification Cards

Each enrolled student is provided with an official University Identification Card enabling the student to attend University functions and utilize University facilities and services.  ID cards can be used to purchase food on campus, check out books from the library, and gain entry into the residence halls, Wellness Center, natatorium, athletic events, and theatre performances.  The first ID is free and is available in the Student Success; Campus Life Office.

All entering first-year and transfer students have an opportunity to receive an ID card during Orientation.  At the request of a University official, students are required to present this card as evidence of student status at UIW.  Failure to present an ID could result in disciplinary action.  Lost, misplaced, or missing ID cards should be report to the Student Success; Campus Life Office.  There is a charge to replace a lost ID card.  Delay in reporting a lost ID card could result in misuse of your card.  The University ID card is nontransferable.  Alterations to the card, false representation in obtaining and/or using the card are forbidden.  Misuse may result in forfeiture of the card and disciplinary action, up to and including suspension from the University.