Student Conduct and Discipline

Membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is both a right and a privilege. It is a right for those who qualify and a privilege for those willing to accept and abide by the philosophy and standards of the University. As community members, students have the responsibility to abide by the rules and regulations of the community and treat all community members with respect and human dignity.

Each member of the University of the Incarnate Word community is expected to assume responsibility for her/his own conduct, and also feel a reasonable Christian responsibility for the behavior of others. On occasion, this may involve kind, courteous admonition when one member observes another in inappropriate conduct. On another occasion, it may involve cooperation when proper authorities are investigating instances of alleged misconduct.

The University seeks to balance the rules that are necessary to function effectively in an educational community with each individual’s right to personal freedom. The University expects each student to behave as a responsible member of an academic community at all times. Community regulations are designed to guide the growth and development of individual responsibility, not to restrict individual freedom. The University’s policies on alcohol and drug use, sexual harassment, and other issues are published in the UIW Student Handbook. Continued membership in the University of the Incarnate Word community is contingent upon responsible behavior. The Dean of Student Success has been delegated primary operational responsibility for student discipline.