Business Administration (A.A.)

This program provides a degree for students who want a two-year degree in business.  Students will focus on general business practices and theories while gaining the general education requirements necessary to continue their education in a bachelor-level program.  The Associate of Arts degree requires 21 approved core curriculum hours The Business requirements total 18 required hours within the concentration and 12 elective hours.  The degree also requires the completion of community service hours.  


Students pursuing the Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration must complete MATH 1304, College Algebra, or a higher-level mathematics course with a grade of C or Higher.


A. 18 hours University Core Curriculum

ENGL 1311Composition I

ENGL 1312Composition II

Fine Arts Course (3 hours from selection)Select 3 hours from MUSI 1320, MUSI 3350, MUSI 3348, or MUSI 2346 or Fine Arts course approved through transfer to UIW

RELS 1325The Religious Quest

Social Science Course (3 hours from selection)Select 3 hours from ANTH 1311, ANTH 2324, SOCI 1311, PSYC 1301, or ECON/ECN 2301 course approved through transfer to UIW

MATH 1304College Algebra

B. Required Business Courses (18 hours):

1. Lower Division Major Requirements (9 hours):

ACC 2311Financial Accounting

ACC 2312Managerial Accounting

ECN 2301Macroeconomics

1. Upper Division Major Requirements (9 hours):

BLW 3317Legal Aspects of Business

MGT 3340Concepts and Functions of Management

MKT 3331Introductory Marketing Concepts and Strategies

C. Electives to meet 60 total credit hours for the degree

D. 22 Clock hours of Community Service is required

Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at UIW where 24 of the final 30 hours are taken at UIW.  Active-duty military students must take a minimum of 15 hours at UIW.