Academic Advising

The purpose of the Academic Advising Program is to provide effective guidance to students throughout their academic experience at the University. This is achieved by assisting them to discover and/or enhance their abilities, values and interests in the context of a higher education. All new full-time undeclared students are assigned to the University Advising Center (UAC). The Center has a team of experienced academic counselors who work with undeclared students, particularly during those early semesters of their education that are most critical in their selection of a major. UAC academic counselors guide students through the process of choosing a major and collaborate with them to develop realistic academic goals that are consistent with their career plans. Throughout the advising process, UAC counselors attempt to enhance students’ study habits, critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making and time management skills.

Students who have already selected a major are assigned to a faculty advisor in their chosen field. They work with their assigned advisor until graduation. To maximize their academic experience, students are strongly encouraged to develop a sound relationship with their faculty advisors and utilize their expertise. This can generate extensive benefits before and after graduation. The most important role of academic advisors is to serve as facilitators who help students identify and assess alternatives and consequences of their decisions. However, the ultimate responsibility for making decisions concerning goals and educational plans rests with the individual student.