Intercollegiate Athletics

The University of the Incarnate Word is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Division II. The University offers intercollegiate sports programs in men’s and women’s cross-country, soccer, basketball, track and field, golf, and tennis. In addition, the University sponsors the intercollegiate sports of volleyball, swimming, and softball for women and baseball for men. Cheerleading is a sponsored program conducted under the Department of Athletics.

All sports offer some athletic scholarship assistance; however, prospective student-athletes are encouraged to complete and mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by February 15th. Incarnate Word’s academic scholarships are awarded based upon GPA and SAT/ACT test scores.

All prospective freshmen student-athletes must apply to the NCAA Clearing House for initial eligibility certification. Admission to the University does not constitute or guarantee athletic eligibility certification or participation. Student-athletes must meet all NCAA eligibility criteria in order to become initially eligible and remain eligible for competition.

Since NCAA regulations and rules are subject to change or modification on an annual basis, specific questions regarding athletic eligibility status should be directed to UIW’s Compliance Coordinator in the Athletics Office.