Organizational Development B.A.

Organizational Development Course Descriptions

The purpose of the major in Organizational Development is to prepare students for challenges related to improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency by increasing the capacity for individuals, groups and organizations to adapt to change. This includes those interested in becoming OD practitioners, as well as those desiring to learn approaches for introducing new methods or practices in the workplace, and in helping organizations solve problems and achieve goals. In addition to building a foundation in business/business management, and developing competencies in key OD activities, the student will develop important skills in critical thinking, problem solving, technology and business communication.

45 semester hours as follows:

A. Business (21 hours)

ACCT 2301Accounting for Non-Business Majors

BINF 2325

BMDS 3370

BMDS 3371

BMGT 3340Management Theory and Practice

BMGT 3354Human Resource Management

BMGT 4355Organizational Behavior

B. Organizational Development (24 hours)

ORGD 3340Organizational Development

ORGD 3360Teambuilding in Organizations

ORGD 3370Total Quality Management

ORGD 3390Communication in Organizations

ORGD 3395Organizational Change

ORGD 4330Organizational Learning

ORGD 4350Leadership in Organizations

ORGD 4380Capstone in Organizational Development