Health Sciences B.S. with a concentration in Nutrition

Health Sciences Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BS-HSCI) with a concentration in Nutrition is designed for students who are ready to prepare for a career in the healthcare field with a emphasis on nutrition. Professionals already working can complete a BS-HSCI degree to move on to a senior leadership position.

Graduates will be prepared for opportunities in nutrition areas of healthcare, including wellness, healthcare policy, education, and fitness. Graduates will be qualified to assume leadership positions in multiple environments and also move on to graduate school.


A. Nutrition Concentration (27 Hours):

NUTR 2300Introduction to Health Professions

NUTR 2310Introduction to Nutrition Science

NUTR 2340Food Culture and Disease in America

NUTR 2350Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport

NUTR 3300Life Cycle Nutrition for Health Care

NUTR 3320Public Health Nutrition

NUTR 3360Integrated Approach to Weight Management

NUTR 4310Nutrition Therapy and Pathophysiology

NUTR 4320Health and Nutrition Communication and Education Skills

B. General electives to meet 120 total credit hours for degree and 45 hour residency requirement

C. 45 Clock hours of Community Service is required