Health Sciences B.S. with a concentration in Certified Billing and Coding Specialist

Health Sciences Course Descriptions

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BS-HSCI) degree with a concentration in Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) program prepares students to perform specialized work related to insurance and coding in medical settings.

Military students wishing to complete the Health Science major must have 15-20 hours of transfer college work or appropriate military experience credit in an allied health area.


A. BIOL 1401, Diversity of Life and Lab

B. 33 Hours Health Sciences Core

HSCI 2310Health Sciences I

HSCI 2320Health Sciences II

HSCI 3310Healthcare Organizations and Administration

HSCI 3321Information Systems for the Health Sciences

HSCI 3330Legal Issues in Healthcare

HSCI 3340Third Party Payment Systems

HSCI 3350Epidemiology and Public Health

HSCI 4310Healthcare Policy

HSCI 4320Biostatistics and the Health Sciences

HSCI 4330Health Sciences Research Methods

HSCI 4340Capstone in Health Sciences

C. Certified Billing and Coding Specialization

HSCI 2312

HSCI 2315Medical Coding

HSCI 2317Medical Insurance Practice

HSCI 2327Introduction to the Electronic Health Record

HSCI 2330HIPAA Compliance and Certification

HSCI 3323Pathophysiology

D. General electives to meet 120 total credit hours for degree and 45 hour residency requirement

E. 45 Clock hours of Community Service is required