Admission to the Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCaP) and Virtual University

Admission Requirements for Extended Academic Programs

To be eligible for this matriculation, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must typically* be out of high school for at least five years. Students are not required to submit ACT or SAT test scores.
  2. Students must have worked in a full-time job for a minimum of three years, in or outside of the home.
  3. Students who desire Unconditional Admission must demonstrate a GPA of 2.5 or better in any previous college work. In order to judge this, students will be required to obtain “official transcripts” from all regionally accredited institutions previously attended.
  4. Students can be considered for Conditional Admission with unofficial copies of their previous college work. Official copies must be received by the end of the second term of attendance.
  5. Students with less than the expected 2.5 GPA may qualify for Conditional Admission.
  6. Students may be considered for Non-Degree seeking status using the following criteria:
  7. Students may be placed into Non-Degree seeking status prior to matriculation; provision of transcripts is not required. However, proof of high school graduation or GED must be supplied. Non-degree seekers within this category will be limited to enrollment in no more than three (3) undergraduate classes. Upon the completion of the third course, the student must either apply for admission or discontinue all attendance at the university.
  8. Students may be admitted into Non-Degree seeking status if official transcripts are provided. Non-degree seekers within this category will be limited to the accumulation of no more than 24 undergraduate semester hours.
  9. Students attending another home institution may be admitted into Non-Degree seeking (Transient) status by either supplying official transcripts or a letter of “good standing” from the Academic Dean or Registrar at the home institution.
These conditions and requirements of Conditional and Non-Degree seeking admission will be stated in the admissions letter. Students who do not meet all requirements in the time frame stated will be removed from eligibility to enroll