Baccalaureate Degree-Requirements

Rhetoric: 6 semester hours

ENGL 1311Composition I


ENGL 1311LComposition I with Lab


ENGL 1312Composition II


ENGL 1312HComposition II

These courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C.

Wellness Development: 3 semester hours

Students must complete 1200 plus a one-semester hour life-long physical activity course.  DWHP is normally taken during the student's first year of study.  ADCaP and online students take DWHP 3300.

DWHP 1200Dimensions of Wellness


PEHP 11XXPhysical Education Activity Course (1 hour)

Philosophy: 3 semester hours

PHIL 1381Introduction to Philosophy


PHIL 1381HThe Intellectual Quest

PHIL 1381H: Honors students only

Religious Studies in the Core Curriculum: 3 semester hours

The required course must be chosen from among the following courses.

First course options:

RELS 1305Introduction to Theology and Ethics

RELS 1315Origins of Christianity

RELS 1325The Religious Quest

RELS 1335Spirituality and Prayer

Honors students may also use RELS 1327H, Theological Anthropology

Advanced Religious Studies/Philosophy Selection: 3 semester hours

Any advanced (3000 or 4000 level) three-hour RELS or PHIL course or PMIN 3335, PMIN 3380, or PMIN 4385. Students must meet the prerequisites for the advanced course.  

Literature: 3 semester hours

ENGL 2310World Literature Studies

ENGL 2311World Literature for English Majors

ENGL 2311H is for English majors only.

Fine Arts: 3 semester hours

Any three-hour Performance or History course in Visual Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre (Computer Graphic Arts courses will not satisfy this requirement).  Students may also complete ENGL 2375, Introduction to Creative Writing, ENGL 3375, Creative Writing, or ENGL 4375, Advanced Creative Writing, to satisfy the Fine Arts requirement.

Mathematics: 3 semester hours

Students may choose one of the following courses based on their degree requirements:

MATH 1304College Algebra

MATH 1306College Geometry

MATH 1308Finite Math

MATH 2303Introduction to Probability and Statistics


MATH An appropriate higher level math course

Before a student can enroll in MATH 1304, MATH 1304L, MATH 1306, MATH 1308, or MATH 2303, any requirements for developmental courses in mathematics or for mathematics placement must be completed successfully with a grade of C or better. Students are encouraged to complete the mathematics requirement during the first year of study. Refer to your major program of study information, later in this catalog, for specific information related to the mathematics requirements for your major.

Natural Sciences: 4 semester hours

Students may choose one of the following:
BIOL 1401Diversity of Life and Laboratory

BIOL 1402General Biology I for Majors and Laboratory

BIOL 2321Anatomy and Physiology I

BIOL 2121Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory

CHEM 1301Chemical Principles I

CHEM 1101Chemical Principles Laboratory I

CHEM 1308Science of Art

CHEM 1108Science of Art Laboratory

CHEM 1405/CHEM 1404LScience in Everyday Life

ENSC 1410Environmental Science and Laboratory

ENSC 3420HHuman Dominated Ecosystems

GEOL 1401Physical Geology

GEOL 1402Historical Geology

GEOL 1415Astronomy

GEOL 1420Oceanography

METR 1430Meteorology

NUTR 2400/NUTR 2400LEnvironmental Nutrition

PHYS 1301/PHYS 1101General Physics I and Lab

PHYS 2305Physics I

PHYS 2105Physics Laboratory I

PHYS 2308/PHYS 2108Physical Science

PHYS 2108Physical Science Laboratory

ENSC 3420H: Honors Students only

History: 3 semester hours

Students may choose one of the following:
HIST 1311World History, Part I

HIST 1312World History, Part II

HIST 1321The United States to 1865

HIST 1322The United States Since 1865

HIST 3310HInquiries into Human Stories of the Modern World

HIST 3310H: Honors Students Only

Social Science: 3 semester hours

Students may choose one of the following:
ANTH 1311Cultural Anthropology

CLST 2315Introduction to Cultural Studies

CRIJ 1301Introduction to Criminal Justice

CRJU 1311Introduction to Criminal Justice

ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics

ECN 2301Macroeconomics

GOVT 1315American Politics

GOVT 1316State and Local Politics

GOVT 4310H/PHIL 4310H/SOCI 4310HSocial and Political Thought

PSYC 1301Introduction to Psychology

PSYC 1301HIntroduction to Psychology

SOCI 1311Introduction to Sociology

SOCI 4310H/GOVT 4310H/PHIL 4310HSocial and Political Thought

PSYC 1301H, SOCI 4310H, GOVT 4310H: Honors Students Only

Modern Language: 6 semester hours

Six semester hours in one language (or American Sign Language) other than English